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Artist Editioned Original Maps, Prints & Broadsides. These are gifts, they were given to me to share, and the sharing creates a good connection

Why Purchase a toMAKE™ Limited Edition?

YA) . . . Support a living artist . . . Practicing Right MAP Making . . . For a Future to be Possible.

“So this is what generosity does. It makes your mind more spacious and creates good connection with the people around you. It dissolves the boundaries that otherwise would keep the happiness from spreading around.”

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

About the Artist

Steven R Holloway

artist & printer

Steven is an artist, geographer and teacher living in the intermountain west. He works as a teacher of the visual and observational arts, mapping ethics, lensless photography, and stone and plate lithography. His practice involves the beauty of the world. He has spent a lifetime teaching: swimming, world music, flute, wilderness canoeing, cartography, geography, graphic design, media arts, stone lithography, observation. An avid trail runner his personal and professional work explores the joyous and beautiful body of the earth. And de-educated through intensive exposure to the sun, the wind and the waters.


Stop in to pursue the maps & prints, sample the wet ink (a.k.a. work-in-progress) on the press, a cup of freshly made tea or coffee, and good conversation.


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